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Farmers & Merchants Bank

Certificates & IRAs

Long-term CD instruments with flexible rates and tax savings opportunities with our IRAs.


Flexible options when it comes to Certificates of Deposit. Choose from a variety of maturities ranging from 3 Months to 3 years in length. Whether you would prefer a monthly, quarterly, annually, semiannually or compounded at maturity frequency, the choice is yours. Contact your local branch for current rates and FLEX options.

  • Rates vary with deposit amounts & length of term.

Traditional IRA

Make your contributions pre-tax so you’ll have more money to invest. You won’t pay taxes until you withdraw during your retirement.*

Roth IRA

Make contributions after taxes and you’ll never owe taxes and all the growth will be tax-free. This is especially useful if you’re in a higher tax bracket at retirement than you are now.*

  • Make contributions after taxes.
  • All growth is tax-free.

More Me Banking


Curious about how much you can afford to borrow or how fast you can save for your next fun purchase?

Online Banking

Banking the way you like it. View accounts, pay bills, transfer funds and even pay people.

Me Banking Mobile

Bank anywhere, anytime, with fast touch id login and our instant balance feature.

*Always consult with your tax adviser.